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Brewery News

 Brewers that are providing a delivery or collection service during lockdown can register on the Brew2You website. Customers can then use the App to easily see which of their favourite beers are available, and (for a small surcharge) order them online. Download the App HERE

Pub News

The official CAMRA pubs website, "WhatPub" is now available to members the public. CAMRA members can log in using your Id and Password.

CAMRA Members can also add details of services that any pubs that are providing to WhatPub by logging on to the CAMRA WhatPub Admin site.

 WhatPub now has an additional tick box allowing you to search for pubs offering such services during the lockdown period.

Beer Necessities.

For the duration of the Coronavirus lockdown, Beer Necessities will be available only in digital format. You can download the latest copy here:

Beer Necessities Issue 12

Publication of the printed issue of Beer Necessities has been suspended for the time being, as there are no outlets currently available. In the meantime an electronic version is being produced every couple of weeks to keep you up to date on local beery matters:

Beer Necessities OnLine Issue 1Issued May 22nd

Beer Necessities OnLine Issue 2Issued June 5th

Beer Necessities OnLine Issue 3Issued June 22nd

Beer Necessities OnLine Issue 4Issued October 22nd


 The Campaign for Real Ale is needed more than ever to support pubs in Britain during these uncertain and difficult times. Help to fight for the future of our beloved locals - join CAMRA today using the online Membership Form.



Go to the Pub

If you're missing your Local, and let's face it, who isn't? you can still meet up with friends in CAMRA's virtual pub the Red (on)Lion