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 Branch History

The CAMpaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) was founded in 1971 and was originally called the Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale before adopting its present title. It was the brainchild of four founder members who were deeply concerned about the gradual disappearance of traditionally brewed British beer in favour of bland fizzy keg beer.

Within a few years many branches had sprung up all over the country including Gwent CAMRA although we too had a different name in those early days. 

The Branch was formed in 1974 at a meeting of like-minded activists held at the Red Lion, Stow Hill, Newport. The event is commemorated by a certificate displayed in the Red Lion that celebrates the Branch's 25th anniversary. A party attended by founding members and many others who had joined over the years celebrated in traditional fashion by drinking real ale from the cask.

Originally the adopted title was Newport CAMRA Branch. It later became Newport & Monmouthshire Branch to recognise the extension of local campaigning into surrounding areas within the Monmouthshire County boundary. Finally, the title Gwent CAMRA was agreed to mirror the local government administrative area the Branch represented. 

So we’ve been around a long time and intend staying for even longer!