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CAMRA's Volunteering Policy is:

CAMRA recognises the importance that its volunteers play in campaigning, building awareness and generating income. CAMRA’s National Executive will endeavour to ensure that volunteers are valued, supported and treated with respect.

A Charter describes the ethos of an organisation and provides a framework within which:

  •  A volunteer can expect how to be treated.
  •  An organisation can outline what they expect from volunteers

This Charter1 has been developed to lay out the principles that underpin CAMRA's volunteering activities and that should be followed by all CAMRA members, whether at a local or national level.

CAMRA volunteers are people who contribute their time, energy and skills to support CAMRA without payment. They are the lifeblood of the organisation. CAMRA believes that it is important that you enjoy any volunteering you undertake. As a volunteer, you have the right to say no to any activity that you do not wish to take part in or with which you feel uncomfortable.

CAMRA's responsibility to volunteers

  • To make you feel welcome, appreciated and to treat you with respect.
  • To ensure that you can volunteer safely.
  • To enable you to work alongside people who share and support your interests.
  • To give you the chance to learn new skills and to be given training where relevant.
  • To offer you tasks that support CAMRA's aims.
  • To give you a clear point(s) of contact for support and advice.
  • To ensure that every volunteer's opinion is welcomed and treated with respect.
  • If you have any concerns, they will be listened to and taken seriously.

Responsibility of a CAMRA volunteer

  • To work together to achieve CAMRA's aims and objectives.
  • To be clear about what commitment you can give.
  • To try to give reasonable notice if you are unable to fulfil that commitment.
  • To be prepared to be flexible.
  • To adhere to CAMRA's policies, procedures and legal requirements.
  • To inform the relevant CAMRA official (national, regional or local) of any problems and issues encountered during your time as a volunteer.
  • To ask for help and guidance when it is needed.
  • To respect other volunteers and staff.
  • To avoid any actions that would bring CAMRA into disrepute.


Although we hope that there will not be any problems, CAMRA has processes in place to help deal with these. By using these processes, CAMRA endeavours to treat all complaints seriously and fairly. A copy of these processes is attached.

Equal Opportunities

All activities performed under CAMRA's name needs to comply with CAMRA's Equal Opportunities Policy i.e. to treat everyone fairly regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, race, ethnic or social/economic background.

This Charter is a statement of values and is not intended to be a contract.