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The European Beer Consumers Union

Some members may not be aware that CAMRA campaigns beyond UK shores.

Over twenty years ago, inspired by CAMRA’s growth and success within UK, like-minded individuals on the continent formed their own campaigning groups. Over time more similar organisations were founded so that today many European countries have their own version of CAMRA. In a show of solidarity these organisations formed what is known today as the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU).

This remarkable collaboration has similar objectives in addressing many common issues involving the beer and cider industry. Every year a reception is held to engage with and lobby members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on the hot topics of the day. This united front is far more effective in influencing Brussels bureaucracy than it would be on an individual national basis. As a result MEPs are now far more aware and informed about issues affecting national brewing and pub industries which often share common ground. 

CAMRA is at the heart of a family of campaigning bodies from Austria (BierIG Osterreich), Belgium (Zythos vzw), Czech Republic, Denmark (Danske Olentusiaster), Finland, Italy (Unionbirrai), Ireland (Beoir), The Netherlands (Vereniging Promotie Informatie Traditioneel Bier, or PINT for short), Norway, Poland (Bractwo Piwne), Sweden (Svenska Olframjander – SO) and Switzerland (Association des Buveurs d’Orges – ABO). Across the big pond, the USA has its CASC, meaning Cask Conditioned Ale Support Campaign.

In 2015, the EBCU celebrated its 25th anniversary, quite a milestone and with every expectation of reaching its 50th anniversary.

Should any member wish to contact any of the above organisations their details can be found at the end of the What’s On section of What’s Brewing.